One of the most powerful principles of #FOSS and open hardware is the ability to audit and verify.

See the community maintained #Librem5 promise delivery chart to see how we are disrupting the #bigtech #smartphone duopoly

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Hello @purism, I see ❓ for dogwood and evergreen, so the email telling me that I'll receive mine in march is obsolete?


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@DaD @purism if I were you, I wouldn't be super surprised if there was a delay of at least one month associated with covid-19. It seems like attempts to corral the virus are hitting all sorts of tech manufacturing.

@leimon @DaD the community updates the chart when the milestone is hit. Dogwood shipping window is up to the end of March and Evergreen in Q2. if COVID-19 causes a delay we will notify our community and customers ahead of the time. We are currently not expecting a delay.

@purism @DaD Oh, that's fantastic news! Sorry for accidently spreading disinformation.

@leimon we've received updated procurement and shipping information from our suppliers due to the effects of the COVID-19 outbreak

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