Looks like the #Qt devs are using COVID-19 as an excuse to effectively make Qt proprietary software.

"last week, the company suddenly informed both the #KDE e.V. board and the KDE Free QT Foundation that the economic outlook caused by the Corona virus puts more pressure on them to increase short-term revenue. As a result, they are thinking about restricting ALL Qt releases to paid license holders for the first 12 months"

A year in the software world is eternity, may as well not release it.

"The Qt Company says that they are willing to reconsider the approach only if
we offer them concessions in other areas."

This reads like blackmail honestly.


@MatejLach hello, I tried a quick search but did not find the information.

Did they communicate publicly?

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@DaD I found this: https://mail.kde.org/pipermail/kde-community/2020q2/006098.html?print=cGh4 , which contains the exact same phrases @MatejLach cites in the top post.

It doesn't seen too publicized though.
The cited E-mail is actually worth reading in its entirety: I learned a lot of stuff.

@DaD @MatejLach
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