Here is how I feel - so far - when org-roam is trying to sneak into my brain (I'm the girl, of course):

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@bzg Thank you, I didn't know of this package.

Joking set apart, is it really more disturbing than providing an easier view of our files ? Or, maybe it's the real view of the files which is frightening :D

What movie is that from ?

@r3vlibre This is from Gotham, S01E06.

I don't know if it *is* disturbing, but it feels like you have to adopt a new paradigm on how you take notes and navigate them.

Or perhaps I'm just trying to find an excuse for not using it :)

@bzg Ah, ok, I didn't know the serie, only by its name...

I see, I was wondering if it was really an impression about the usage, or a package that you really use and a funny way to say : "it's nice but I am always surprised the way it show me things". Except, the girls was really upset ;)

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