X/github = Mastodon/Twitter : any usable X?

I found but there is no code yet.

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@bzg gitlab doesn"t work well enough ?

We play a bit with gitea at Scopyleft ( it's very basic, but seems to work.

@yaf @bzg both lack federated event stream features :D and the possibility to star/fork a repo without creating an account on that instance. It can appear to be negligible, but I have the impression that that's the absence of those social features that let Microsoft/Github keep the status of "the place to be"

@maxlath @yaf @bzg There are open issues for federated Pull Requests. I think the rest can follow after those are tackled. With love and attention for the fediverse, GitLab would be a very promising alternative.


> fork a repo without creating an account on that instance

????? #Git clone too old school for you???

@yaf @bzg

@0 @yaf @bzg !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! by fork, I meant the fork à la Github, where one can visualize the network of forks to see what's going on in related code bases. I have been using that feature quite a lot when forking a project, to see if someone else had the same itch and already did the work that was bringing me to fork!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

@bzg You are looking for federated software, or a community place acting as a GitHub alternative ?

For the former, I only know about ForgeFed, it's indeed in study.

For the latter, there is Codeberg, based on Gitea : Gitea being in the scope for Forgefed, so it could arise in the federated world someday.

@r3vlibre I'm looking for a federated software, but I didn't know and it looks interesting too, thanks!

@bzg Yes, I like the initiative !

And they are on the Fediverse, too : @codeberg .

@bzg there is which is showing quite some promise. (doesn't use activitypub, but it has an email based workflow)

@bzg has more information. There are two (very basic) implementations. But there is funding, so there is hope. cc @forgefed

@bzg @forgefed I remember there being a list of issues in a number of forges where the ActivityPub "extension" was discussed or requested, so one could go and "vote" or contribute towards that goal, but I can't find it anymore.

@bzg The software arm of the #ForgedFed work is #vervis, the reference implementation:… <-- a Darcs repo hosted on Vervis!

So it's self-hosted and it already does stuff (quoting the repo README from the above link):

[x] Git pull and push over SSH fully working [x] Darcs pull and push over SSH fully working [x] SSH server implementation really secure as far as I know [x] TLS support, especially critical when sending passwords. For now, done externally through Lighttpd, not Vervis itself [x] Darcs pull over HTTP and HTTPS [x] Git pull over HTTP and HTTPS

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