If you want to follow the latest questions/news on on StackOverflow or Reddit, I've created this page: cc

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@bzg Cool.
Is any org article of both sites listed?
Will there be RSS/Atom?

Comment: reddit org is somewhat a sub-set of reddit emacs, which features way more org articles, IMHO. So far, I'd kill reddit org because I don't think that there's a way to move all org-related stuff from reddit emacs to reddit org.

@publicvoit I don't read reddit that much so I don't really know about Emacs vs Org subreddit.

As for the RSS feeds, you can subscribe to the SO and Reddit ones separately, worg does not provide this.

@bzg Est-il faisable/utile de suivre et lister les discussions les plus intéressantes sur Twitter, Masotodon... ?

@Stephane S'il y a des flux RSS, oui, on peut les ajouter dans une page de Worg.

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