Christmas time! 🎁

What developer should I donate to next year?

I'm not Warren Buffet but I'd love to discover the work of others and to set an example.

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@bzg Private developer doing quite a lot of work on #XMPP and having recurrent costs (server maintenance, #Quicksy)

@jcbrand? Also on the #XMPP front, developer of #ConverseJS which adds instant messaging to any web site.

#GnuPG? Werner has been at it for the last twenty years in what must be, along with the #tz database maintenance, one of the most thankless jobs that keep the modern world ticking.

Thanks for mentioning me @0 and thanks for considering donating to FOSS devs @bzg

I currently have a well paying job and don't need any donations.

I'm sure there are other FOSS devs who can make much better use of any funds that go their way!

@jcbrand @0 Thanks for your answer!

Don't hesitate to nominate FLOSS contributors and to link to their work, I'll carefully follow the links and they may be used by others too.

@Unknown The developer behind the XMPP client Movim ( is currently asking for donations.

@bzg I'd definitely consider this dude-

I had just posted about it on my page, but he's actively developing an open source HMD driver for Oculus headsets so that people who bought it before the Facebook account mandate can use it without privacy concerns and without any Facebook software/drivers on their machine. It also allows owners to use their devices on Linux. What he's doing can also carry over to Microsoft's proprietary WMR headsets.

@bzg Ubolonton, developer of emacs-tree-sitter package should get some deserved attention: Outside from that, the lsp-mode team or Joao Tavora could need more incentive as well:

Not sure if any of them are actively taking donations though...

IMO, enabling tree-sitter and lsp protocol seems like an important step for emacs :)

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