Christmas time! 🎁

What developer should I donate to next year?

I'm not Warren Buffet but I'd love to discover the work of others and to set an example.

@bzg Private developer doing quite a lot of work on #XMPP and having recurrent costs (server maintenance, #Quicksy)

@jcbrand? Also on the #XMPP front, developer of #ConverseJS which adds instant messaging to any web site.

#GnuPG? Werner has been at it for the last twenty years in what must be, along with the #tz database maintenance, one of the most thankless jobs that keep the modern world ticking.

Thanks for mentioning me @0 and thanks for considering donating to FOSS devs @bzg

I currently have a well paying job and don't need any donations.

I'm sure there are other FOSS devs who can make much better use of any funds that go their way!


@jcbrand @0 Thanks for your answer!

Don't hesitate to nominate FLOSS contributors and to link to their work, I'll carefully follow the links and they may be used by others too.

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