It's 2021 and millions of GNU/Linux users are still sending 💰 to Microsoft for a Windows system they will NOT use.

Buying a personal computer with a GNU/Linux distribution or with no OS is still a struggle.

What's your experience on this?

@bzg That's true, unfortunately OS less or Linux base computers are not available everywhere and don't have many variations (I think it's getting better though).

@bzg gee, I think I have mostly avoid that "MS Tax" by buying only used computers with either no OS or a "broken" OS with no extra cost to me, but this is still a problem if you want a new laptop.

I have never heard of anyone I know successfully getting a refund for an unused license of Windows, though. But then, none of my immediate contacts use Linux.

@bzg I have lucked out because I've only paid Microsoft once, over 15 years ago, when I had my very first computer. Since then, I've used "free" versions of Windows on self-built computers, or just used Linux. My laptop had a Windows license in it AFAIK, but I bought it from my school after finishing studies, so I still didn't *really* pay the OS.

@bzg in Germany ixSoft sells some laptops with the Windows license removed:

@bzg mostly trying not to think about it tbh D:

@bzg I've been lucky this time since my current PC is an old giveaway from work. Next time I buy a new PC or laptop I really want to get it from I wouldn't mind either possibly, but they don't ship to where I live.

@bzg I bought a @SlimbookEs and friends bought a @tuxedocomputers. Both are very reasonably priced and work well.

Before I took the jump, I comforted myself with the thought I'd make use of the Windows license one day.

I think I'll stick with such suppliers for a while. They give much more bang for the buck.

@bzg if you have any questions about our devices, please don't hesitate to contact us and our support team! :)

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