I sat down this week-end and tried to compress what I learned from using to-do lists for the last 15 years (with of course):

I'm curious: what is the most important thing YOU learned about to-do lists?

I force myself to write and action tasks from the fewest area possible.
No task about entertainment.

@bzg I would really like to see a follow-up where you talk about your "to remember" lists. Do they look like todos?

@brab Yes, they look like todos. My convention is to have two types of real tasks: STRT for started tasks, and NEXT for due tasks.

TODO tasks are for things I might want to do "one day", or my remember- or whish-list if you prefer.

I will probably publish a blog entry detailing my Org setup one day.

@bzg nice, thanks for the description

I think I will be trimming lists during the next few days ;)

@bzg thanks for sharing. Made me think of some concepts and principles in in case you don't know it (I don't use it but found it interresting)

@bzg excellent post! Thanks for writing and sharing it. I think I mostly do this, but by only considering scheduled tasks to be really on my todo list. I might try dropping that and adding an extra state... or a different sequence of states. And it's inspired me to try and write better tasks again.

@bzg oh, and the most important thing I learned about todo lists (before your post) is that no matter how big the list of things to do eventually, keep the list for right now small. Which your post reaffirmed.

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