Good news, everyone !

We're happy to open the beta-testing for version 4.2 :blobcatcoffee:

- 🌻 Rewrite of the webadmin using VueJs
- 3️⃣ Finally moving to Python 3 😅, paving the way to Bullseye
- 🃏 More sensible update strategy for the / / domains
- ✨ Misc internal improvements and cleanup

In particular, any feedback on the new webadmin would be greatly appreciated 😜

Hey there!

We just released an important iteration on our current 4.2 testing !

- ✨ UI/UX fixes and improvements in the new webadmin
- 🔑 SFTP and SSH permissions
- 🚑 Many improvements on backups

We're looking for moar feedback from beta-testers, aiming for a release in the coming weeks 😜 !

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