Nice to see a blogpost on the Mastodon blog about implementing a basic ActivityPub server

(Though technically webfinger isn't needed for activitypub, but it is for mastodon interop!)

@cwebber This blog post should be straightforward, but it's not ! 😠
What is really expected for an actor file to be accepted by Mastodon ??
When I search for
it returns 0 user. What's wrong with my file ? Thanks for any help !

@cerisara @cwebber I think it might be the fact that you need to send with json mimetype not as html plaintext.. Here's an example of that tutorial implemented in flask:


Hi rra... So your implementation of the tuto with flask looks pretty good ! But it's not finished, isn't it ? Did you manage to send a post to @darius ?

@rra I tried my own implementation with flask, but the send message just returns a 202 HTTP code: no idea what's happening at the mastodon side ! I guess I'll really have to install my own mastodon server just to have access to the logs; no other way... 😕

@cerisara hey it is indeed not finshed. I saw that I pushed some protocode to sign headers to for sending messages. That doesnt work yet. Hence the 202 I guess. I might work on it coming days. Else pull requests are welcome :)

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