What is OLKi ?

The vision of OLKi is a federation for scientists, i.e. a decentralized network potentially composed of many University servers, each one managing its own community. As it implements the W3C ActivityPub standard, this scientific network will also be part of the Fediverse, a community-managed multimodal social network that hosts 2 million citizens, hence enabling direct interactions between scientists and citizens.



"OLKi is an academic research project about how language data may enable an ethical Artificial Intelligence to build up knowledge for the good of citizens."

Looks great, but .. Confused by the landing page, which has a completely different About description. Maybe they changed course after that 'What Is Olki?' article?


@humanetech @arjen

Hi, sorry about the confusion. That's because OLKi is both a research project and a platform, which are loosely coupled (the platform is funded by the project).

The blog describes the platform, the landing page the research project.

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@cerisara @arjen very interesting. Be assured I have you bookmarked for later study.

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