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💁‍♂️ Les données d'intérêt général, parlons-en à partir de cas concrets. Pour ou contre: votre avis nous intéresse ➡️

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La seconde étape de la consultation organisée par la mission politique de la donnée est ouverte !

🗣️ Jusqu'au 9/11, prononcez-vous sur 10 cas d'usage pour lesquels les pouvoirs publics accéderaient à des données d'acteurs privés !

C'est par ici ⤵️

Incredible work by trashhalo and @fribbledom rendering graphics in the terminal with Bubble Tea. 🌈

Check out the before and after where they utilize old school BBS style rendering techniques to double the vertical resolution:

@cerisara I've just seen this curve from Mastodon, and I'd like to mention that it may be useful as a typical example of overfitting to show to students...

@scomte Thank you ! You're right, I understand self-hosting for pods, but becoming a "small webid provider" is another story: will the rest of the SOLID network trust our self-hosted webid, or will webid providing becomes in the end a de facto central service controlled by big players ?

Le bitûme du nouveau tronçon de la V50 entre Nancy et Charmes est tout neuf, tout lisse, un vrai plaisir à pédaler dessus ! Et le paysage, magnifique... Je suis pressé de l'essayer jusque Epinal... :-)

OpenKeychain is open source software for Android that enables interoperable OpenPGP encryption for various e-mail apps and helps manage and find OpenPGP keys - See

#technology #privacy #email #encryption #android #mobile #security #openkeychain

Do you know, in SOLID, who can deliver WebID ?

Can anyone auto-declare him/her-self as such a registrar ?

I don't think it can have been more than about a year since I discovered Firefox's "Reader" mode, and in that relatively short time I have gotten to the point that, when I'm on my phone at least, I instinctively check for whether the icon is available on every single site and hit it the moment I see it, even if the page in question hasn't yet loaded/rendered to the point where I can even assess it's readability. I just do it, because I have literally never once seen a single case where switching to Reader mode made the site *less* usable on a mobile. Not even once. I guess this shouldn't surprise me - nobody would have gone through the trouble of writing the feature if it didn't work well. But what does it say that we have gotten to the point where its of real practical value to automate the process of routinely throwing away the entire product of the web design industry?

This captures why I've largely lost interest in developing for the web: It feels like any work I put into it is furthering Google's agenda, similar to how making iOS apps is furthering Apple's.

Working on native GTK apps, on the other hand, feels like I'm helping create a credible ethical alternative to those agendas.

Back-lit computer monitors were a mistake

Every screen should be e-ink

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Mastodon - Etalab

Instance ouverte pour test et qui sera fermée le 1er septembre 2021 - lire les CGU Elle était ouverte à tout agent possédant un compte email en "" et à ceux dont le nom de domaine figurait sur cette liste :