Christian Quest utilise Vous pouvez læ suivre et interagir si vous possédez un compte quelque part dans le "fediverse". Si ce n’est pas le cas, vous pouvez en créer un ici.

@bjoern I'm from New England. Mass, actually. Now that's just awesome. You never hear about colleges joining these revolutions.

@cambridgeport90 @bjoern There's also hosted at a Swedish university and as far as public instances I know the French government has though I think it's only open to people with a email address, and from Brazil there is which I believe is operated by or with support of their Ministry of Culture. (My Portugese leaves something to be desired.)

Christian Quest @cquest

@frankiesaxx @bjoern I confirm that accounts on are open to civil servants ( emails and a few others), but it is fully connected to the fediverse :)

We installed it almost a year ago.

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