Back when the GNU project was starting, among the first things they rewrote as Free Software were:
- text editor / IDE (Emacs)
- assembler, linker, and compiler
- make

IOW, they made tools that they needed to further develop Free Software without relying on proprietary tools.

They wanted their project to be self-hosting.

Nowadays, we have more free software than ever, but we develop it using github and Discord...


@Wolf480pl you could have mention .. Even if free sotware developpers has lots of alternatives...

@Wolf480pl @moulinux it's open source but if you build it yourself you can't call it vscode lol
@Wolf480pl @moulinux except more, because mozilla will allow you to call an unmodified unpatched build firefox just fine
@kurisu @Wolf480pl @moulinux Isn't this bs also why vscode uses its own repos instead of being provided in distro repos.
@kurisu @Wolf480pl @moulinux .NET Core does the same faik. If you want to actually call your package "dotnet", it has to be the binary downloaded from and then repackaged or something.

Hence why distros who build all packages from source, or have a separate optional nonfree repo, don't provide dotnet packages. Because it's basically non-free software if you want to actually call the package dotnet
@Wolf480pl @moulinux @kurisu Most of Microsoft's projects are quite clearly open source simply as a publicity stunt or them hoping to get free contributions instead of using manhours themselves.

It could also be that they want to slowly open source all of Windows and hopes that some poor sods will fork it. During the past 5 years, Microsoft's #1 priority seems to be "How can we get Windows' development and responsibility off our hands, but still use the market share to force people onto Azure and 365"
@quad @Wolf480pl @moulinux arch has it in repos but under the name "code" without the visual studio branding

@Wolf480pl @kurisu the code is , but the binary is not.. really few people i guess are compiling the software or using vscodium.. so my toot..

@moulinux @kurisu
Oh, so have more examples, thanks!

I didn't want to use it in my original post, because it was kinda a borderline case, and I wasn't sure about the details.

@moulinux @Wolf480pl @kurisu is Atom affected by trademark stuff? It's basically VSCode before VSCode.
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